Who we are

- This is the last time you are going to win, I will establish a team in Milan that will defeat you! -

On 16th December 1899, Herbert Kilpin, the legendary English founding member, founded the Milan Football & Cricket Club at the "Hotel Du Nord et Des Anglais" in Repubblica square (Milan), together with a group of fellow Englishmen and local citizens.

On July 28th 2015 in the very same Repubblica square, at the office of A. Marsala, Notary in Milan and A.C. Milan's supporter, the "Associazione dei Piccoli Azionisti dell'A.C. Milan" (the A.C. Milan's Minor Shareholders' Association or APAMilanAC) was established with the aim of gathering the historic minor shareholders of the first football team of Milan.

APAMilanAC includes the so-called A.C. Milan's supporters from generations and some of them have been loyal to the team since the first half of 1900.

APAMilanAC's members, as shareholders, hold the minority of the Club's ownership and their connection and sense of belonging to it, therefore, allows them to combine their position of supporters to the various aspects of the issues discussed within the Company itself.

The passion for A.C. Milan combined with experience and specific professional skills, allows APAMilanAC to acquire and provide a qualified and impartial point of view in many of the areas in which this world-class sports Club operates.


What we want

  • A new governance for A.C. Milan
    Encouraging the introduction and preservation of a novelty element in the Club's governance in order to safeguard the historic link between A.C. Milan and the community of its supporters and to preserve the best traditions of the Club
  • A new voice for A.C. Milan
    Creating a voluntary, responsible and democratic representation of the Minor Shareholders of A.C. Milan S.p.A. in order to provide them with a sole and clear voice before the Club in the annual meetings and in the other chances of debate
  • Reunite A.C. Milan's shareholders
    Gathering all those shareholders whose primary interest does not necessarily lie in the financial nature of their investment, but rather in contributing to strengthen the vast heritage of the Club, which has its roots in Italy, under a sport and business point of view
  • Shareholders' representation and Independent Directors
    Representing our members, where expressly requested by them, before A.C. Milan S.p.A. in the relevant meetings, in order to offer solutions regarding the strategies and the choices of the Company and to submit candidates for its management, who shall be independent from the majority ownership of the Club and who shall assure a rightful debate within A.C. Milan's Board of Directors for the Company's sake
  • Cooperating for A.C. Milan
    Cooperating with all those who really care about A.C. Milan, first of all with other shareholders (including the majority ones) and with anybody else interested in reviving the Club and in seeing its position firm in the world football elite

Our Team


Industrial and Intellectual Property Law
rossonero since 1987

Edoardo Barone

Lawyer, Commercial Law
rossonero since 1960

Giuseppe La Scala
Vice President

rossonero since 1951

Ettore Bonfadini Bossi

Lawyer, Taxation Law
rossonero since 1933

Renato Piazza

Lawyer, Taxation Law
rossonero since 1950

Gian Enrico Barone


Fiscal expert and accountant
rossonero since 1948

Viscardo Zanardi

Expert in finance and capital markets
rossonero since 1967

Filippo La Scala

Lawyer, Industrial and Intellectual Property Law
rossonero since 1978

Ignazio Gatto

Civil Law
rossonero since 1987

Vincenzo Bacicca


Associazione piccoli azionisti
della A.C. Milan S.p.A.
Cod. Fiscale: 97726290154

Corso di Porta Vittoria, 9

Email: info@apamilanac.it